Why NPX?: A Love Story

Have you checked out the New Play Exchange (part of the National New Play Network) yet? 

NPX is my favorite thing I spend money on (just 10 bucks a year for playwrights!). You can sign up as a playwright, an organization (theatre, festival, universities, etc. etc. etc.), or as a reader (dramaturgs, lit managers, directors, etc. etc.)

As a playwright, it acts as a database for your work -- you can upload as many scripts as you want, select the genre, length, and casting requirements by gender and race, and even tag it with keywords.

 "Well, what's so special about that?" you may ask. 

NPX is a searchable database that allows theatres, universities, and producers to find scripts to use in their upcoming seasons and festivals. The tagging feature make this incredibly easy for the theatre -- and is great incentive for playwrights to tag their plays. The more tags you use, the more likely it is that a potential producer can find your work!

Got a vampire romantic-comedy musical? Tag it! 

Got a love triangle between two humans and a polar bear set at the end of the world (asking for a friend)? Tag it!

I'll talk more about how much I love NPX in future posts but wanted to get some info out there. Because I love NPX.