"We are on the cusp of a great revolution."

The Yorkie Moms are a group of women (and Brent) connected on social media to increase the online presence of their Yorkies. But their newly-appointed leader, Donna, has some, er, grave plans about how to Make Yorkies Great Again.


Characters: 4 female-identifying, 1 male-identifying
Madeleine: any age, newest member of Yorkie Moms
Brent: any age, Madeleine's neighbor
Yvette: any age, a Yorkie Mom
Huck: any age, Donna's right-hand woman and secretary
Donna: any age, newly appointed leader of the YMs

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: comedy, satire, political

Setting: Donna's extravagant home in Palm Beach

Production History

Currently unproduced



"Hilarious satire."

"This play is a hilarious satire on our current political state. Bravo to Ms Henry for this one!"

- Morgana Watson

"Great fun!"

"Spot-on parody packed into a tight ten-minutes! Writer Henry knocks me out with her sharp sense of humor and perfect timing. An astute read on our current political climate - with yorkies. Would be delicious in performance."

- Rachael Carnes

"Sliding off my couch funny."

"One of my favorite short comedy plays on NPX, one of my favorite comedy plays in the history of short comedy plays! If you're looking for a smart comedy for your political-themed festival that speaks to the present struggle against Hate under the Trump administration, this is a definite must-choose play. Henry perfectly parodies the language of Trumpism that expresses xenophobia and supremacist ideology."

- Asher Wyndham