"Mine's the life you save tonight. It's my turn." 

In the far north, a mysterious Chamber beneath the sea ice is about to be permanently flooded. Julian, a woman riding the tides of her mania and depression, has returned home to visit this mysterious Chamber one last time -- but she meets a surprising stranger who changes everything. Who will Julian choose to save? And who will she choose to sacrifice? 


Characters: 3 female-identifying

Time: 30 minutes

Genre: drama, scifi

Setting: a chamber beneath sea ice

Production History

2018 | William Inge New Play Lab, Independence, Ks

2018 | Semi-Finalist, Everyday Inferno, New York, Ny




"Haunting and ethereal."

"There's something so haunting and ethereal about Jordan's work. This play is a clash of consciousness that gets under the reader's (and hopefully viewer's) skin and makes them think about their own mistakes, and wonderfully enough - quantum theory. With careful cyclicality, almost like poetry, she allows the two sides of Julian to battle; one screaming in a tirade of grammar-less poetry, and the other trying to rationalize it all. Very symbolic, and lovingly chilling."

- Michael Perrie, Jr., playwright & actor