Never Again

In the wake of our nation's recent and historical gun violence in schools, playwrights from all across the country have come together to create new pieces of theatre.

How can you get involved?

March For Our Lives is over, but the fight continues.

These plays are offered royalty-free to any theatre, community organization, school, or individual who wants to organize an evening of readings or a production.

Please contact me to request a copy of the Playwrights Say Never Again or All Too Short anthologies. If you are interested in organizing or hosting an event, I or many of the other playwrights involved would be happy to support you.

For more information about this movement of theatre-makers, or if you have a gun-reform play that you would like to donate to the cause, please reach out to the Protest Plays Project and/or Code Red Playwrights.

Become a part of the conversation.