"To Ma: You were weirder than any of us realized."

Siblings Jimmy, Caroline, and Dani reunite after a lengthy separation on the eve of their mother's funeral to find a treasured item: her favorite dress. But what they find instead will surprise them all.

Production History

2018 | Southern Oregon University, Ashland Or

2018 | Quarter-Finalist, LPT's Ten-Minute Play Contest


Characters: 2 female-identifying, 1 male-identifying
Caroline: 30s, ordered and methodical
Dani: 30s, sentimental
Jimmy: late 20s, their younger brother, kind of a loser

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: comedy, drama

Setting: an attic or garage


"Perfectly crafted."

"The tension never slackens as one revelation after another is revealed. [...] The searching for artifacts after the death of a loved one, and the confrontation that results, is something that many people can relate to. A great exercise for beginning college actors and a smart choice for festivals everywhere."

- Asher Wyndham

"Very fun."

"How well does anyone know his or her parents? A very fun play with a cool premise and unexpected reveal. [...] I'd love to find out more about these characters and the behind-the-scenes drama of this family."

- Steven Hayet

"Plenty of grace and humor."

"This play is a tender reminder that we all have sides of ourselves that we don't particularly want the world to see. In "The Dress," Henry shows us how three siblings come together to discover some dark truths about their mother [...and] are also forced to consider that no matter how well we might think we know our parents, our perceptions of them are largely based on what they allow us to see... until, of course, we have to sort out their dirty laundry."

- Greg Burdick

"Perfect for any short play festival."

"What makes these characters annoying is also what makes them so funny. Siblings can truly bring out the worst in us in trying times ("what are you, ten years old?"). I was particularly enamored of the mother -- a character you never meet but is fully fleshed out. A fun little play, easy to produce, and perfect for any short play festival."

- Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos