"I'm not leaving without you."

Within a mysterious Chamber underneath thick sea ice, Julian has found a portal in time, which she plans to use to save her twin sister, Lucy, who died when they were young. But Julian meets a surprising stranger beneath the ice who changes everything. 


Characters: 3 female-identifying

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: drama, scifi

Setting: a Chamber beneath sea ice

Production History

2017 | Torrent Theatre | New York, Ny

2016 | Navigators Theatre | New York, Ny



Eerie and awesome.

"Fantastic sensory overload in this play: I could see, hear, and feel the setting that Henry establishes for this unique story. The other-worldliness is a perfect backdrop for a discussion of mental illness. We're not sure if Julian has found a means of time travel... but we want to believe. The creaking of the ice, the flickering and whispering of the shadows, the threat of the oncoming tide... scenic, sound, and lighting/video designers: give this one a look!" 

Greg Burdick, playwright & educator