"What do you want to race for this time, the best seat in the afterlife?"

Sisters Kate and Liz are repairing damaged joists in their mother's house -- Kate wants to sell the house to pay for their mother's assisted living home, but Liz wants to hold onto the house they grew up in. When Liz suggests a little friendly competition, old grievances and past wounds resurface to undermine the foundation of the sisters's relationship.


Characters: 2 female-identifying
Kate: 30s
Liz: 20s

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: comedy, drama

Setting: an attic

Production History

Currently unproduced


This piece was inspired, in part, by Glennon Doyle's blog post titled "Sistering On" and a subsequent video collaboration between Doyle and SALT Project


"Poignant, funny, and smart."

"SO MUCH is going on in this play in such a short period of time. Henry deftly demonstrates Liz and Kate's relationships and the simmering tensions which now threaten to blow over. She also makes such exquisite use of the term "sistering" -- supporting a tired or damaged joist with a fresh, sturdy one -- that I'm jealous. [...] Covers aging parents, sibling relationships, and positive, strong female characters in a single breath."

- Matthew Weaver

"Leaves me feeling hopeful."

"A moving but never sappy two-hander that feels true, packs some great laughs, and leaves me feeling hopeful. I'm using it in a class to inspire students to mine those personal moments in life that can be transformational -- and to structure them deftly and get right into the action like this piece does."

- MT Cozzola


"Henry has a great piece here. Proof that you CAN tell a compelling story in ten minutes. Her dialogue rings true and hits close to home. Childhood scars, patterns and assumptions litter the minefield of this terrific play. Should be on everyone's must read list."

- Michael Perlmutter