She's feeling confident today. Until...

A woman is just trying to start her workday when she's sidetracked by an icky male coworker.


Characters: 1 female-identifying, 1 male-identifying
She: mid-20s, wearing a modest pencil skirt/dress
Him: 40s, wearing a polo shirt tucked into acid-wash jeans

Time: 1 minute

Genre: horror, comedy

Setting: outside the elevator doors in an office building

Production History

Currently unproduced.



"In many of Henry's plays there's a beautiful moment of transformation or transcendence. Sometimes it's sweet and tender. In this play, it's something else -- it's horrific, and it's just right. And beautiful. Girrls may howl along with the female character after she responds to sexual harassment at work. Perfect for a showcase on #metoo or a showcase of Halloween plays."

- Asher Wyndham


"It is ON. When a playwright can capture in just a few pixels the power imbalance and incongruities of modern work -- you're in for a treat. The character "Her" is likely needed in almost every corporate environment. Or can she be hired out, as a temp? My only question -- When is this idea going to be franchised for a three-movie series and its sequels? Viva 'Her'!"

- Rachael Carnes


"Abso-freaking-lutely awesome. Some may call it wish fulfillment, but this is true literature of the highest degree. It speaks to the time we live in as Americans and also is badass enough to qualify as a genre piece. [...] A sharp play by Henry, a sharp writer."

- Bryan Stubbles


"This is by far the quickest in Henry's series and somehow maybe has the most layers as well. It made me think of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf she encounters. Only this time Little Red isn't waiting for a woodman to save her - she's taking care of this one herself."

- Sharai Bohannon