"Sometimes, when things are all-in-all pretty, I can't do a thing but laugh."

Leonora reads Peter Pan aloud into a C.B. radio in the middle of the night, thinking no one can hear her. But when Mark, a truck-driver in the middle of a long haul, tunes into her frequency, the pair connect in an unlikely way.


"Sandbaggin'" was originally part of the full-length devised project, LESSONS, developed with the following artists: 

Michael Bachman
Natalie Brouwer-Wilson
Dan Buck
Jillian Spears-Ivey
Jonathan Swindle


Originally produced as part of a full-length devised project, LESSONS, by Lee University Theatre in 2013. 


Characters: 1 female-identifying, 1 male-identifying
Leonora: 40s, divorced and childless
Mark: 40s-50s, a long-haul truck driver

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: drama

Setting: a child's bedroom; a truck cab