I'm trying to stay alive, too.

After Lisa survives a heart-attack, she reevaluates what she wants from life and tries to convince her fiancee, Candice, that life is too short to play it safe. But what is each woman willing to sacrifice in order to hold onto the life they want? 

Production History

2016 | Developed as part of the ATHE New Play Development Workshop, Chicago

2016 | Tomo Suru Players | Vancouver, B.C.
2016 | Cone Man Running | Houston, Tx
2017 | Triangle Reading Service


Characters: 2 female-identifying
Lisa: 50s-60s, recovering from a heart attack
Candice: 30s, her fiancee

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: comedy, drama

Setting: Candice's living room or bedroom


"Rich dialogue."

"Likable and funny, Henry's voices both resonate with indecision and regret, doubt and resignation. They play with whimsical ideas - while digging into painful, unresolved present. The language glides over the maudlin, keeping things crackling. GREAT to see a play for two women, who both move through emotional change.”

- Rachael Carnes

"What a 10-minute play should be."

“A fantastic and subtle short play that brings questions about love and mortality to the table. These characters feel alive on the page, their relationship is real. [...] Henry's dialogue controls the pace and gives more with each line than it seems.”

- Nelson Diaz-Marcano

"I screamed "YES!" when I read the final lines."

“'You haven't looked this alive in weeks': it's the response we can get when we're smart enough to say 'yes' to our partners [...]. NORTHERN LIGHTS raises the stakes of the conditions of that 'yes' and examines what can happen when it must become 'no.' It ends the way it has to.”

- Greg Burdick

"A gift for actresses."

“I love this play! It raises big questions that need to be asked by those in committed, long term relationships. Jordan Elizabeth Henry has created a complex, authentic relationship in under ten minutes [...]. Do this play now. If you're producing an LGBTQI festival of shorts, choose this.”

- Asher Wyndham

"An important, genuine, and honest challenge."

"There are exchanges in this play that give my soul a sense of peace. However, it takes a special kind of soul to understand the importance of Now. The twist here is an important, genuine, and honest challenge to our sense of what living a Life ultimately requires."

- Ricardo Soltero-Brown