"A long time ago. This is where I lived."

A woman reflects on her childhood, with the help of a musician.


Inspired by the Welding Shop Shooting, August 20, 1982. Near Hialeah, Florida.

Dedicated to Ernestine Moore and the others who lost their lives.


Characters: 1 female-identifying, 1 male-identifying
Joanna: 46, Cuban-American. A ghost.
Myles: 31, Cuban-American. A goofball.

Time: 5 minutes

Genre: drama, comedy

Setting: a lake behind a house, Hialeah, Florida

Production History

Currently unproduced.


This play is available for free through the Protest Plays Project.


"Astonishing, quiet."

"Jordan explores the effects of death and longing with such nuance that the result is an astonishing, quiet play that creates emotional explosions. There's such a peacefulness to the dialogue, to the atmosphere, that admitting the truth of the play is the most painful thing about it."

- Nelson Diaz-Marcano


"There is something to be said about the ability of a playwright to capture the very rare moments of peace where everything is perfect, or as close to perfect as life can be. Jordan Elizabeth Henry has accomplished this difficult task bringing together two near total strangers connected by both memories of a shared space and a love of life that transcends the planes of the physical and metaphysical. Reading this play was like listening to an etude. You want more, to answer lingering questions, but leaving it here is for the better."

- Franky Gonzalez