She's just trying to prepare for a conference call, until...

A woman's workday is interrupted by a handsy male coworker.


Characters: 1 female-identifying, 2 male-identifying
Noosha: 30, Persian-American. Wearing a sleeveless top.
Rick: 45, White. Wearing a button-down tucked into acid-wash jeans.
Pete: 50, Black. Wearing casual business attire.

Time: 1 minute

Genre: horror comedy

Setting: a conference room

Production History

2018 | Gi60 One-Minute Play Festival | Brooklyn, Ny



"Another classic tale of killer awesomeness. [...] This, combined with Henry's werewolf-killing-the-patriarchy play will make for a fine two minutes of entertainment. Highly recommend."

- Bryan Stubbles


"You mess with the manticore and you gon-get-BIT! I love it when I get a 1-minute play that delivers a juicy topic in a fun way. A really accessible play for anyone who somehow still doesn't understand what women are fighting for. This would be a great 1-minute play for any festival and especially fun for designers looking for a unique challenge."

- Lindsay Partain


"Henry is having so much fun with the horror genre! But don't dismiss this and other horror plays as slight -- This feminist got some fangs! Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa would luv these plays! And women worldwide too! Her horror plays deserve productions all over, and they'd make great YouTube videos, even cartoons that would certainly go viral!"

- Asher Wyndham


"Another fun foray into this familiar workplace full of familiar sexual harassers, but where women are allowed to shut it down in the most final of ways."

- Sharai Bohannon