"I know how the world works -- I'm not an idiot. I just like to have a sunnier perspective."

Amy is a passionate freelance music teacher who teaches her instructs her students in the local park. Her non-traditional lessons irk Dave, a recently divorced curmudgeon hell-bent on spreading his despair. When Amy makes Dave a bet, his curiosity is peaked, and an unlikely friendship begins to form. 


"Dave & Amy" was originally part of the full-length devised project, LESSONS, developed with the following artists:

Michael Bachman
Natalie Brouwer-Wilson
Dan Buck
Jillian Spears-Ivey
Jonathan Swindle


Characters: 2 female-identifying, 2 male-identifying
Amy: 20s, extremely earnest
Dave: late 30s, extremely pessimistic
Jenny: 30s, Dave's ex-wife, extremely tired
Anthony: 20s, extremely obnoxious bro

Time: 20 minutes

Genre: romantic comedy, drama

Setting: a public park; Dave's living room; Amy's living room

Production History

Originally produced as part of a full-length devised project, LESSONS, by Lee University Theatre in 2013.