"Nothing has to kill you before you have a breakthrough."

Ollie is struggling through college, holding his secrets close to the vest. Bob is a 20-something trying to figure out his place in the world. Leonora doesn't believe she's capable of moving past a great loss. Dave is a recently divorced curmudgeon hell-bent on ruining everyone's day. Amy is an earnest freelance music teacher who's about to bring them all together.

LESSONS is a devised musical project developed through Lee University Theatre in 2012 with the following artists:

Michael Bachman
Natalie Brouwer-Wilson
Dan Buck
Jordan Elizabeth Henry
Jillian Spears-Ivey
Jonathan Swindle


Characters: 4-8 female-identifying, 5-9 male-identifying
Ollie: 20
Dave: 40s
Bob: 25
Amy: late 20s
Leonora: 40s
Craig: 20, Ollie's friend
Mark: 50s, a truck driver
Anthony: 20, a bro
Shirley: 50s, a Lady Who Lunches
Gladys: any age, dance instructor
Georgette: 20s, a dancer
Scott: any age, dancer
Sandra: any age, a dancer
Jenny: 40s, Dave's ex-wife
Regina: any age, bowling instructor
James: any age, hang-gliding instructor
Dad: 50s, Ollie's dad

**Characters below the line may be played by 12 individual actors, or may be doubled in any way that serves the production

Time: 115 minutes

Genre: musical, romantic-comedy


Production History

2013 | Lee University Theatre | Cleveland, Tn