A reality where no shooter ever touched any gun.

A woman and her son encounter a man and his daughter by chance in the grocery store on their collective ways to the wedding of family friends.


Dedicated to the memory of Michele Fast, and the others murdered during the Seal Beach Shooting.

Seal Beach, California,
October 14, 2011


Characters: 2 female-identifying, 2 male-identifying
Woman: female-identifying, 43. In a nice dress.
Boy: male-identifying, 9. In an LA Lakers jersey under a suit coat
Man: male-identifying, 40s-50s. In a button-down and nice pants.
Teenager: female-identifying, 19. Man's daughter. In a young, cool version of dressed up.

Time: 3 minutes

Genre: comedy

Setting: a grocery store in Seal Beach, California. October 20, 2012.

Production History

Currently unproduced.


This play is a part of the All Too Short anthology and is also available through the Protest Plays Project.