"Look at her, she's blushing!"

Chuki is just trying to finish up a project when she's cornered by a large pack of male coworkers.

She's not blushing, by the way -- she's transforming.


Characters: 1 female-identifying, no limit to male-identifying
Chuki: 30s, Kenyan-American. Also, she's a Nandi Bear.
Hans: 40s, White.
Steve: 40s, White.
James: 40s, White.
Tim: 50s, White.
Mike: 40s, White.
Andrew: 20s, White.
Tyler: 20s, White.

*NOTE: Feel free to add more men as you see fit; however, please only include white men. I know men of other races and ethnic identities can perpetrate sexual harassment in the workplace; that's just not what this play is about, okay?

Time: 1 minute

Genre: horror comedy

Setting: a claustrophobic office with lots of cubicles

Production History

Currently unproduced.


"Enraging and satisfying."

"I have devoured (pun intended) each of Jordan Elizabeth Henry's incredibly fun, clever, enraging, and satisfying one-minute female justice plays. All I can say is that I find myself whispering, "Yes. Yes, kill them all."

- Emily Hageman



"A very educational play which focuses on a little-seen monster in America."

- Bryan Stubbles


"Playfully rageful and ragefully playful. I could read a whole collection of pithy mic-drop plays like this. Especially in Jordan's voice."

- Michael Kras


"I love this play so much! We've all been in these situations but not all of us ever get to express the rage. This play specifically made me want to stand up and cheer "Times up!" I would love to see it produced in a #metoo festival (alongside some of Henry's other one-minute plays on the topic) or see it in a #metoo anthology."

- Sharai Bohannon