"Steel yourselves, children, for a truly spooky tale..."

A woman relives a horrific moment from her past.


Characters: 2 female-identifying, 1 male-identifying
Story-Teller: 60s or 70s, Puerto Rican.
Camila: 30s, Puerto Rican. Also, she's El Chupacabra.
Paul: 40s, White.

Time: 1 minute

Genre: horror comedy

Setting: a campfire; an office hallway

Production History

2018 | Gi60 One-Minute Play Festival | Brooklyn, Ny



"Blood-splattered spectacle."

"Henry has shown her serious skill with realism, magic realism, and sci-fiction - and now a new route for her expansive imagination - feminist-horror-FU-patriarchy-comedy (whatever you wanna call these plays) - blood-splattered spectacles like GOAT-SUCKER that are highly entertaining for only a minute, but not simple in structure or story. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa would luv these plays! And women worldwide too! Her horror plays deserve productions all over, and they'd make great YouTube videos, even cartoons that would certainly go viral!"

- Asher Wyndham


"Hell yeah! Henry gives us a fun yet explosive tale in just one page. This is revenge fantasy at its best; it's hilarious yet poignant."

- Nelson Diaz-Marcano


"I love this short play!! Henry has a very distinct voice that she uses to convey an important message in an exceptionally charming way. This play is as funny, timely, and unafraid to take risks (that pay off) as her longer works. Definitely a playwright to keep an eye on!"

- Sharai Bohannon