"Things are growing all the time. Just 'cause you can't see them don't make it not true."

Shelley and her dead husband's mother, Hazel, have been living alone on their property since Shelley's daughter, Mae, left many years ago. Once the home of a beautiful vineyard, their property is now full of dead and decaying vines. When Mae returns home after years away, these three women must re-learn how to be in relationship with one another, and just what it means to be a family.


Characters: 3 female-identifying, 3 male-identifying
Mae: late 20s
Shelley: 40s, Mae's mother
Hazel: 70s, Mae's paternal grandmother
Sam: 30s, Mae's childhood friend
Amos: Hazel's dead husband
Daniel: Mae's dead father

Time: 90 minutes

Genre: drama, comedy

Setting: a decrepit vineyard

Production History

2011 | Lee University | Cleveland, Tn