"I can hear that big goofy WHOOP and how it just goes on and on and on."

16-year-old T. remembers his father, who was murdered during the Damageplan show shooting on December 8, 2004 in Columbus, Ohio.


Dedicated to Nathan Bray.

*Though inspired by true events, the characters, situations, and memories represented in this play are completely fictionalized.


Character: 1 male-identifying
T.: 16, white. A drummer.

Time: 2018.

Genre: drama

Setting: anywhere one might practice drums

Production History

Currently unproduced.

*Available for purchase at MonologueBank.com - all proceeds go to Moms Demand Action*


This play is a part of the All Too Short anthology and is also available through the Protest Plays Project.



"This is my favorite type of Protest Play, one concentrated on  who was lost. [...] There are no guns here, no hate, only loss, only love."

- Ricardo Soltero-Brown