"Ew! Don't sniff me!"

Tris and Harley's relationship is going smoothly until Tris smells deceit.


Harley: female-identifying, 20s
Tris: female-identifying or nonbinary, 20s-30s

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: romantic comedy, drama

Setting: Harley's tiny bedroom in her Brooklyn apartment

Production History

2018 | Playwrights' Round Table, Orlando, Fl




"Props to Henry for an incredibly funny synopsis that you won't get until you read the play. This equally funny and heavy piece invites the audience to step inside an incredibly intimate and vulnerable moment between two very real women. The clever edge of Henry's voice is present as always, but the dialogue is almost jarringly natural. An audience might feel uncomfortable watching such a raw moment, but that is the kind of theatre the world needs more of. This daring little play makes a big impression and would end any night of ten minute plays with a bang."

- Emily Hageman