"You see beauty and want to dissect it. You can't just let it be."

Rhonda is an ornithologist, on assignment tracking Birds of Paradise in their natural habitat -- and she's brought her husband, Pete, along. But there's an unseen presence with them, and Rhonda and Pete must learn to grapple with their pain and mend their fractured relationship. 

Production History

2018 | Mildred's Umbrella, Houston, Tx


Characters: 1 female-identifying, 2 male-identifying
Rhonda: 45-50, ornithologist on assignment
Pete: 45-50, her husband, an visual artist
David: 20s, their son, a ballet dancer

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: drama, movement, experimental

Setting: a jungle; a ballet studio


A few years ago, I spent a lot of time checking out the Birds Of Paradise Project -- the work these scientists and filmographers have done to capture these extraordinary animals in their natural habitat is incredibly cool. 


"This is how it should be."

"Beautiful dialogue. Henry once again seems to be interested in playing with the pacing and placing of time and space. The structure here is very clever and most welcome.

- Ricardo Soltero-Brown


"This play's final moment's choreographed metamorphosis would be a costume designer's dream-come-true challenge."

- Asher Wyndham

"A beautiful piece of writing."

"Cross-breeding the imagery of David's ballet work with the dance his parents are caught up in is stunning. Thoughtful attention to tempo gives the play an increasing sense of urgency. And while David's transformation would most certainly be theatrically satisfying, it is that of his mother's that will leave audiences weeping. I loved this."

- Greg Burdick