"Look at her: she's breathing. Of course she's sacred."

It's the year 2100 and the end of the Earth is upon us. Tomorrow morning, the final ships will take off all over the world, carrying all remaining human life to a new planet home. Chloe has a secret that she's been hiding out in the woods, and she needs her partner's help to ensure her secret is protected. But at what cost? 


Characters: 2 female-identifying, 1 trans/non-binary
Chloe (F): 30s, first nations/native Alaskan
V (T/NB): 30s, black; Chloe's partner
Beth (F): any age; a polar bear

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: comedy, melodrama, fantasy

Setting: the year 2100; a cave in the woods somewhere in Washington state

Production History

2018 | Dramatists Guild Conference NPX Discovery Session, New York


An article in the February 2018 issue of Science Magazine just confirmed that polar bears are just barely hanging on. I am so haunted by this -- these creatures are magnificent, and they are floating off on chunks of ice and starving to death. I am haunted by the knowledge of what global warming is doing to the environment of these incredible animals. Estimates right now say that polar bears may well be wiped out by 2100. 2100. That's within spitting distance, pals. Please, please donate to Polar Bears International to hopefully ensure that these beautiful animals are still around a hundred years from now, please. <3



"Perceptive, insightful, and sensitive."

"A charming, at times hilarious, altogether lovely play that pays both kindness and respect to the creatures of this earth that humans so readily and easily regard as disposable, negotiable, even unworthy. Henry gives creative and design teams a handful of challenges, but pay close attention, her script guides us all the way through, highlighting what is necessary and possible; it points theatre makers to what will be truly transcendent moments on stage. Although it has her signature understanding for the cost and inevitability of sacrifice, this is one of Henry's most lifted works, perceptive, insightful, and sensitive."

- Ricardo Soltero-Brown

"Charming. Delightful."

"With its end-of-the-world plot that's a bit sci-fi and magic realism, its atypical love story, its delightful anthropomorphism -- it's the most charming of her short plays. Delightful, but not slight. It's devastating to think that such a scene between lovers and friends may happen someday. Of all of her short plays, this is the biggest challenge for scenic and costume designers. That's not a problem at all; it's a gift for these designers."

- Asher Wyndham


"Packed with several surprises, lots of humor, and a heart-stopping line about what is sacred, this is a really wonderful example of what can be accomplished in just ten minutes. Humanity's failures are intertwined with complicated cross-species relationships in a unique and touching tale that's sure to be a memorable experience for any audience."

- Marilyn Anne Campbell