"Just find me a miracle worker while I take a nap."

Tammy and her visually-impaired daughter, Ava, have a close bond built on trust and respect. But when Tammy makes it clear that she wants Ava to change, the foundations of their relationship begin to crumble.

Production History

Currently unproduced


Characters: 2 female-identifying
Ava: 17-18; legally blind
Tammy: any age, her mother

Time: 10 minutes

Genre: comedy, drama

Setting: a bungalow in Samoa




Difference or defect? Disability or not? An intimate play about a mother and daughter. Maybe what's right or wrong isn't what's important: it's what this young woman identifies as and what she wants from life. Any theatre who's producing a short festival on disability should check out this play."

- Asher Wyndham

Succinct and thoughtful.

"This ten-minute two-hander handles the topic of being different succinctly and thoughtfully. Defective / disabled? Self-acceptance and enlightenment are covered in such a way as to make this universal."

- Sandra de Helen