"This power has always been mine."

Apollo and Cassandra dispute the terms of their arrangement.


Characters: 1 female-identifying, 4 male-identifying
Cassandra: ageless and Greek; also, she's Chimaera.
Apollo: ageless and Greek; extremely petulant.
Sailors 1, 2, and 3: sailing into a storm they can't see yet.

Time: 5 minutes

Genre: mythology, horror, comedy

Setting: a cliff overlooking the sea

Production History

Currently unproduced.



"Unexpectedly delightful."

"APOLLO'S COMEUPPANCE starts with a woman who just isn't into him and Henry presses the pedal even harder as we go deeper and deeper into a dark passage in an unexpectedly delightful short play that illustrates a common problem in today's society: what happens when you don't listen to the prophetic warning. Highly recommended for its theatricality, humor, wit, and for taking the tropes of classical mythology and changing them."

- Everett Robert



"Gotta love any play that describes Greek god Apollo as "extremely petulant." Good use of Greek mythology to show us exactly what is wrong in current American society. A great female role and a hilariously petulant role opposite her. Good use of foreshadowing with the sailors. Recommended."

- Bryan Stubbles