"These are the questions I ask as she sleeps."

Rohini watches her infant daughter sleeping.


Inspired by
The Washington Naval Yard Shooting
September 16, 2013

Dedicated to Vishnu Pandit
and the other 11 souls whose lights are gone from the world.


Character: 1 female-identifying
Rohini: 30s, Indian-American

Time: 3 minutes

Genre: drama

Setting: her daughter's bedroom; perhaps it is also her own bedroom.

Production History

Currently unproduced.

*Available for purchase at MonologueBank.com - all proceeds go to Moms Demand Action*


This play is also available for free through the Protest Plays Project.


"Lyrical, poetic, and sincere."

"This lyrical, poetic, and sincere piece is so worth the read. A timely piece of a mother questioning the safety and value of her daughter's life to a world that is toxic, violent, and unchanging. This monologue lures you into a sense of the beautiful while serving you the questions of the grotesque and painful. Read it. And ask yourself the same questions it asks."

- Caitlin Turnage


"It's been said that the minute you give birth, you are never safe. You love so much and nothing is more important to you than seeing your child grow up and (please) outlive you. That's all I thought about as Rohini watches her daughter sleep. That's all I thought about as Rohini expresses to her daughter her love and then her fears for her life. Life throws enough challenges. Having to worry about being shot at work and school is becoming a new burden. Henry's monologue rips open these fears and puts Rohini's heart on the table. And ours."

- Claudia Haas


"This is beautiful and important. Henry has a way of crafting characters that can't be taught. This monologue paints pictures and elicits emotions that most of us can't do with a full script. This deserves to be produced often and everywhere."

- Sharai Bohannon